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The past four years of my career as a product designer, I’ve spent solving problems in business travel industry. Currently, I’m leading the product design team in Amsterdam for TripActions. Over the last year, I traveled at least once a quarter to the HQ in Palo Alto. During my trips, I developed routines as every business traveler does — I always schedule an Uber to the airport before my trips, book a paid seat in the front row while I check-in, and buy a cappuccino when I get to the airport.

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Custom Icon Design for TripActions by Diego Naive

This year I decided to observe things more from an analytical point of view. Starting with how many choices I do have when I want to get an uber. How many different boarding groups and fares airlines have or how many questions I do have to answer to get a cappuccino. …



Lead Product Designer TripActions — https://justali.co — Former Product Designer at Your Majesty & Voya

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