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Nice. I like the idea. I just had a couple observations as I read your introduction.

You said: “It bothers me because it feels so binary, as if the value of any organization can be claimed by words like true or false, black or white.”

To be fair, the church makes for itself the claim of “true.” If it didn’t, there would be no need for any of us to argue its opposite.

You said: “But it doesn’t make sense to try to change the Church.”

Perhaps not, but as long as the church pushes those who embrace viewpoints such as yours to the fringes, there is not a healthy and safe space for such viewpoints. Maybe we are powerless to change the church, but if it doesn’t change, then too many of us will find ourselves outside the church, and not always by our own choice.

Good luck with this project. I wish you much success.

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