Fake News: A Submission to the Culture, Media and Sport Committee Inquiry

This submission [made on 3 March 2017 to the above is based on a short blog written for a professional audience, primarily security practitioners from a range of sub-disciplines including cyber security and crisis management, as well as the many comments on the article provided by readers from their varying disciplinary perspectives. It offers a collective view on the security challenges associated with fake news.

This submission responds primarily to the inquiry’s questions on what constitutes ‘fake news’ and its impact or potential impact on public understanding of the world, for the purpose of illuminating the specific security challenges presented by the phenomenon. The submission also touches on its relationship with advertising. It is argued that the term ‘fake news’ is unhelpful as it places a wide range of activities and story types under a single heading. The implications of propaganda, disinformation and careless or sensational reporting are discussed in relation to the security of nations, corporations, communities and individuals. source

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