Fear v’s Faith: Two opposing concepts yet, linked by virtue of our humanity.

The last 7 years of my life have been a journey of revelation and, then, response. I’ve been praying for the fulfillment of childhood dreams but in the background, I’ve battled the fear of rejection, loneliness, not being good enough, failing, and the list goes on!

Oh the thoughts that run through my head — if only Nina Proudman could narrate them, I can hear her now; I’m totally not good enough for this? What if I get this wrong? What if I get rejected? What if I get fired? What if people think I’m an idiot? What will people think of me? Will what I have to say even make sense? Will I mislead people? OMG I feel like a Big Mac, maybe I’ll try the chicken one! Is that still even a thing?

Before I move on, let me tell you a little about myself. I’m an ABCI (Australian born Christian Indian), I’m a lawyer, I’m a singer, I’m a lover of fashion and I’m just your average chick….you know, the one that orders coffee from the same place every morning and falls in love with her 23 year old barista…Coffee is such a sacred thing!

According to me, I’m no one special. I just have a deep, deep desire to live outside of the “box” and achieve those things that you only see in the movies. 
I don’t want fame for fame’s sake, I want my life to count!!! I want to come along side people to help them identify, so they can live in, their God given destiny.

So here, in this scene of the movie of my life, enters this concept, fear v’s faith. How do I see the fulfillment of my dreams while battling these (at times paralyzing) questions?

Fear. For the purpose of this exercise, I’m going to define fear as: anticipation of the possibility that something unpleasant will occur (definition 6 in the Oxford dictionary).

As we are all individuals, this anticipation presents itself in different ways. For me, I am physically unwell, I am unable to move my body and I am overcome with anxiety; effectively I am paralysed physically and emotionally — unable to take any action. Recently, I experienced fear go so far as to actually paralyse my brain; I forgot how to complete tasks (particularly at work) that would ordinarily come naturally to me. It felt like my entire brain was frozen, unable to process information in or out (picture the princess in frozen). This was (and continues to be) unhelpful to say the least!

Faith — how do we describe this concept? Is it hope? Is it a feeling/emotion? Is it something you’re born with? In the past I viewed faith from a “works based” perspective; I had to do something to produce it, cultivate it and grow it.

While faith may encapsulate hope and feelings, I have learned that faith has absolutley nothing to do with me. The substance of faith is simply this; actively (continually without ceasing) believing God; believing the power that raised Christ from the dead! How could I have missed this?? How could I have complicated such a simple concept and made it all about me?? Let me repeat: faith is simply continually believing the power that God has. I don’t have to do anything to produce it because it already exists — the pressure is totally off me!

Taking this simple concept one step further and making it practical, how do we see 2 Timothy 1:7 (God has not given us a spirit of fear) turn into our reality? My world completely changed when I grasped this revelation: through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross and his resurrection through the power of the Holy Spirit, I am a child of God. As his child, he has given me the same power that raised Christ from the dead...the Holy Spirit.

If faith is continually believing the power God has, and, if he has given me the same power, the Holy Spirit, what am I afraid of? What unpleasant thing/event am I anticipating?

In my life thus far, I haven’t experienced faith as being the absence of fear — for some it may be. But, the moment this revelation penetrated my heart, my perspective on fear (let’s be honest — life in general) changed. I realised, the more I bring into focus (for those visual readers, picture a lense of a camera bringing an image into focus) and magnify (zooming in) the power God has, the smaller fear becomes.

The questions I pose, then, are:

1. What are we focusing on, the unpleasant and uncomfortable outcomes or, His power? Remember, bringing into focus can be done at a distance.

2. What are our eyes zooming in on, the unpleasant and uncomfortable outcomes or, His power?

3. Is the fulfilment of our dreams based on our understanding of what it means to be His child? Remember, His power lives in us.

So…..with the above in mind….let’s start this again.

Fear v’s Faith: Two opposing concepts yet by virtue of our humanity they are intrinsically linked.

I’ll let you recall the Nina Proudman narration.

Before I move on, let me tell you a little about myself. I am a child of God,
I am a child of God, I am a child of God and the power that raised Christ from the dead lives in me!

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