My Favorite Music Tracks of 2015

Here are the 25 pop tracks that kept me sane and hopeful this year. The ones that made me run a little further each morning, inspired my writing, made me sweat or marked a (bitter) sweet moment. I’ve ranked them by pure awesomeness, play frequency and personal relevance (it’s quite scientific).

Enjoy. Happy 2016!

#25 — “My Brother Taught Me How To Swim” — Passion Pit

#24 — “Want To Want Me” — Jason Derulo

Hello again, 1985.

#23 — “Gone” — Monogem

#22. “The Fool” — Ryn Weaver

#21. “Here” — Alessia Cara

Because, who hasn’t ended up in some terrible gathering this year?

#20. “Morning” — Beck

#19. “With Me” — Cashmere Cat

#18. “Perfect World” — Broken Bells

#17. “Stars” — The Suits

#16. “Can’t keep My Hands to Myself” — Selena Gomez.

Don’t judge me. As far as Prince inspired tracks go, this was a winner.

#15. “Coffee” — Miguel

#14. “Let It Go” — James Bay

#13. “Loud Places” — Jamie XX

From the best album of the year.

#12. “Flesh Without Blood” — Grimes

#11. “One House” — RAC

#10. “Electric Love” — BORNS

#9. “Can’t Feel My Face” — The Weeknd

#8. “What Kind Of Man” — Florence & The Machines

She showed her teeth on this one. Her best track ever.

#7. “Little Wanderer” — Death Cab For Cutie

To all my fellow nomads — and those who are stuck with them.

#6. “Body Shop” — Madonna

The best song on Rebel Heart.

#5. “Let It Happen” — Tame Impala

The song that owned the spring of 2015.

#4. “Run Away With Me” — Carly Rae Jepsen

Why can’t we forgive her for “Call Me Maybe” already? This should have been huge.

#3. “Pedestrian At Best” — Courtney Barnett

Sure, it smells like teen spirit (oh, millennials…), but it has balls. The perfect power song for uphill running this year.

#2. “Elastic Heart” — Sia

And another one bites the dust…..

#1. “Style” — Taylor Swift

Instant Crush Inducing. EDM meets 80’s with the best pop melody of the year.

Happy 2016!