There aren’t any “perfect candidates” and it is up to each individual to make sure that they open their eyes when they hear a “pied piper” song that tries to tell you otherwise.
Opinion: Extreme Bernie Sanders Supporter’s Backlash When You Write the Truth
S. Novi

No candidate is perfectly fit for office, regardless of party affiliation. There are certainly some that are more or less fit, with Donald Trump being an example of one who is less fit than anyone else I can think of; and Hillary Clinton being, perhaps, more fit in terms of political views to run our country than even Barack Obama, but less fit in the sense that she had “scandals” attached to her. I am personally of the opinion that the vast majority of these so-called scandals were fabricated by either left- or right-wing opposition in order to ensure their own candidate’s victory; however, the fact of the matter remains that the perception of scandal marred her campaign irreparably.

Interesting to note is the fact that Donald Trump, in many ways, makes George W. Bush’s presidency look like a fairy tale. Very few Democrats could have foreseen the rise of a White House more conservative than W.’s — but there you have it. No candidate is perfect, and some are even less perfect than their decidedly imperfect predecessors.

W.’s presidency was interesting from a historical perspective in that W. himself wasn’t actually the most conservative figure there — not by a long-shot. He was also largely inexperienced, and this played to Dick Cheney’s advantage. Now, while Cheney has largely faded out of view, W. is friends with Obama and family, and maintains a wonderful charitable organization.

Hindsight really is 20/20.

Bernie Sanders would not have been a perfect candidate, not by a long shot, and honestly, his insistence to not utilize corporate sponsors would have likely lost him the presidential race in any case. Hillary lost because of the so-called scandals I mentioned before — but these were not true scandals in many cases. They were vile slander proposed by both left- and right-wing opponents. For once the left and right got together — they got together to destroy Hillary Clinton.