The Trick To Finishing Your Book Fast And Not Losing Your Passion.

A few years ago I wrote my first novel. It was Tempo Thompson And Deadly Mountain.

It was the best thing to happen to me. Writing was a fresh and new hobby, and allowed me the creative freedom to do what I wanted. I never knew I would enjoy it so much — considering I hated writing.

Don’t get me wrong. I knew how to write, but I never enjoyed it until now. I guess all those the five-page papers in college didn’t arouse my enthusiasm.

When writing Tempo, I would write five hours at a time — sometimes even the whole day.

Two years flew by, and I had finished the 125k word novel then I self-published it.


However, it was not as bad as you think.

People enjoyed the story; however they said it was hard to read because it was poorly edited (I’m never using a freelancer again.)

So, I coughed up the big bucks and got my book professionally edited by JustEditing. Then I republished it — and it did quite well: Bestselling on Amazon in Fantasy Fiction.

So I wanted to capitalize on this success by writing the sequel — and I needed it to be done fast.

So I decided to write 1000+ words every day. Biggest mistake of my life.

By the time I reached Day 24, I was drained and was getting bored of writing, but I knew I had to push on so I continued.

Day 50 came rolling along and I was losing my mind. I would write but I would get writer’s block and skip sentences, paragraphs, even whole chapters, but I knew I had to keep pushing.

Day 88 came along, and I had had enough and stop writing.

Ten months had gone by since I stopped, and I probably had written a total of 1500 words.

I didn’t want to write anymore; I was burnt out and it didn’t want to think about writing.

I had lost my passion.

I wanted to finish my book quickly, but I had done the opposite.

With a year and half since Day 88, I’m returned back to writing and finished my book.

Where did this new found energy come from?

I went back to my roots and found out what worked for me and developed a system.

A simple system, and that is . . .

I write FREELY. I write what I want, when I want.

Now I don’t write everyday like I used to because it will burn me out. And it would do the same to you.

It felt as if writing was a job, instead of being fun.

So now it’s fun. I write maybe two or three times a week, but the amount of words I write now equal to amount of words that I would’ve done if I wrote 7 days a week. And I don’t have writer’s block because on my non-writing days I’m thinking about the next scene, figuring out all the details until I’m excited enough that I must put the words on paper.

This makes writing fun and this will help you complete your book fast and not lose your passion.

I’m going on three years to finish my second book, when it could’ve been done in a year or two. When I begin my third book, I’ll expect it to not to take as long.

You cannot rush art, but you can certainly finish it quickly.

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