I often find myself paralyzed—not pushing out any, or at least very little, work for fear that I’ll do it wrong. What if this isn’t the best possible way to do it? I’ll think. Or worse, I’ll convince myself that I don’t know how to do what I envision, or I’m not good enough to even attempt it. Track records mean very little here.

Impostor syndrome is real, and so’s its little brother indecision paralysis. What can you do about, what am I doing? Fuck it, ship it.

Fuck it, ship it.

Kick out work once it’s merely good enough, even if that means…

design case study

Here’s a look at my logo design process, along with snippets of different projects along the way.

Designing for people

design case study


  • Recommend UX patterns for the Twistle Android app
  • Redesign the Twistle Android app


  • List of most potentially significant UX improvements
  • UI design comps
  • UI design redlines, measurements, and notes
  • Small icon set


1 month (January 2018 — February 2018)

1 sentence summary

Twistle is a communications app that enables providers, their services, and their patients to communicate through text messages, photos, and more.

The problem: branding & polish

Twistle (rhymes with whistle) approached me with a unique problem: over the years, their iOS app had pushed ahead of its Android sibling in terms of visual appeal. …

design case study


  • Design logo
  • Design business cards


  • 1 logo design (light and dark variants)
  • 1 business card design (2 samples, 1 per partner in the firm)
  • Case study detailing design decisions (you’re reading it right now!)


1 month

The problem: a bold law firm needs to set itself apart from local competition

Jefferson Law Offices is a local law firm specializing in commercial intellectual property law.

They want to reposition themselves to attract larger business clients, while remaining attractive to individuals and small businesses. They want to rebrand so as to visually stand out from competitors.

We agreed to work together on the beginnings of a new brand: a new logo and new business cards!


design case study


  • Lead design sprint to facilitate understanding
  • Design mobile webapp
  • Conduct user testing with clickthrough prototype


  • User persona
  • App design
  • Interactive prototype


8 months (October 2016 — June 2017)

1 sentence summary

WithMe is an app that helps overwhelmed cancer patients connect to coordinators who can help them find relevant clinical trials.

Patients + coordinators = 👍

The problem: clinical trial enrollment

Currently (as of 2017), only 3–5% of cancer patients enroll in clinical trials that help bring new cancer therapies to market. This causes long, costly delays in creating safe, new therapies.

One reason for this low enrollment: patients don’t know that these trials even exist! Worse still, the process of finding a…

Interviewing doctors about their news habits

A heatmap on the web (http://met.picnet.com.au)

Doctors (clinicians and physicians) are at the heart of a patient’s care team. When patients are most in need, they turn to their doctors for help and educated medical advice.

But medicine changes fast! New medication comes out and new treatments get published all the time. How do doctors stay up to date on so many topics? I talked to a few (two pharmacists, a pediatrician, and a hospitalist) to find out.

My goals

My goal was to understand doctors’ consumption of news and healthcare news. I also wanted to use these small insights to guide future writing in Medicine for Mere…

A.k.a. How I left Microsoft and Seattle Children’s Hospital to run a self-doubt factory–er I mean a business.

Look, I’m not gonna mince words here. Being an entrepreneur is fucking hard and terrifying. Finding all of your own work, being the sole decision maker behind a company, and doing something well enough to get paid for it by strangers, none of that’s easy. The list of responsibilities stretches on even though the hours don’t, and often you have less to show for it than you’d like.

But dear god it’s worth it.

Let me go back a few steps, back…

Juan Valera

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