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WithMe—a clinical trial navigator

design case study

Juan Valera
Jul 22, 2017 · 5 min read


  • Lead design sprint to facilitate understanding
  • Design mobile webapp
  • Conduct user testing with clickthrough prototype


  • User persona
  • App design
  • Interactive prototype


8 months (October 2016 — June 2017)

1 sentence summary

WithMe is an app that helps overwhelmed cancer patients connect to coordinators who can help them find relevant clinical trials.

Patients + coordinators = 👍

The problem: clinical trial enrollment

Currently (as of 2017), only 3–5% of cancer patients enroll in clinical trials that help bring new cancer therapies to market. This causes long, costly delays in creating safe, new therapies.

Pictured: a patient navigating the clinical trial process


To address the low enrollment problem, our small team of two took a multifaceted approach. (For the curious, we ran a Design Sprint.)

Interviewing oncology trials expert Lauren Summers
Map of the experience from start to finish, and the people involved.
Related solutions we explored from other products
Our focus: the patient, before beginning their search for trials.

Design process

Here’s where the pens and pixels come in. I grabbed my notebook and sketched out some potential ways in which the interaction could play out.

Sketching UI on paper before committing to pixels
Initial concept of WithMe’s question-asking feature
WithMe v2


Using Marvel, I made a simple clickthrough prototype (limited functionality) from the screens designed in Sketch. I led our participants through scripted in-person user testing, took notes, and recorded the sessions for review later.

Findings & conclusion

Our goal at the outset was to improve the patient experience in clinical trials matching. We believed an app could help accomplish this, and that seems to be true! Additionally, a few findings in particular stood out:

  • If you’re not careful, interfaces can get in the way of users who want to get to things faster.

Thanks for reading!

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Juan Valera

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Juan Valera

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