Setup Publish Date from file name

If you don’t want to login to the admin page to change the publish date for each of your episodes, then you can simply put the date at the very end of your file name, and we will take care it.


You have a file inside your Dropbox name 01 Forever Live.mp3, and you want to add publish date as Jul 21st, 2016.

You can simply change the file name to 01 Forever Live _pd_07212016.mp3 and JustCast will know you are trying to set the publish date as Jul 21st, 2016. (The _pd_ tag is essential to us to know you are putting publish date on your file name, also you must use the mmddyyyy format, otherwise, this won’t work.)

In additional, if you are putting a future date, then the episode won’t show up on your RSS feed until the date arrive.

For example today is Sep 9th, 2017, and I put the date as Jul 21st, 2019, then this episode won’t show up on my RSS feed until Jul 21st, 2019

However, you will still able to see this episode on your admin page, with the publish date 7/21/2017.


You can put publish date on your file, with start with a _pd_ tag, and follow by mmddyyyy format. If you are putting a future date, then you won’t see the file until the future date arrive.

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