v2 Beta Update

After 9 months of hard work, version 2 of is almost here! v2 is an AI app configuration platform to automatically grow user retention and revenue. It is essentially remote app configuration combined with machine learning.

It’s like A/B testing on AI steroids.

As of yesterday, the v2 API is feature complete and ready for beta testing!

Example Configuration v2 is built around remote YAML or JSON files containing your app’s configuration. Within the configuration it is easy to add variants for any property.

title: My App

- Hello World!
- Hi World!
- Howdy World!
- 1.99
- 2.99
- 3.99

This configuration file is downloaded by each user’s app installation and then sent to’s cloud API to resolve to a unique configuration for that user.

Example Response

"title": "My App",
"message":"Hi World",
} uses machine learning to quickly evolve configurations that generate the most revenue and highest user retention.

Customer Lifetime Value Optimization

A cornerstone of v2 is Customer Lifetime Value optimization. If you track revenue events, will now automatically optimize for CLV. Otherwise, simply track at least one event each day the user is active and it will instead work to automatically boost user engagement and retention.

This is a simple, powerful system that replaces most A/B testing with fast, automated growth.

Optimize prices, user interface elements, offers, marketing campaigns and more!

Start playing with the version 2 beta by visiting our API docs. Please use as the endpoint to test against.