An alternative to meditation that may just change your whole approach to stress and fear

I probably shouldn’t admit this. After all, I’m the founder of a wellbeing platform, for God’s sake. But God does not appear to have been helping me whatsoever, when it comes to meditation. He’s left me to work it out for myself. I’m going to admit it because of course, my journey, much like yours I imagine, is about warts and all - insecurities, unknowns, fears, tears, trials and errors. And anyway, it’s important you know that I’m not touting everything I talk about on Learn Shed as miraculous and life-changing. Some techniques work for some of us, some don’t and there are many reasons for that. Most importantly, wellbeing (for want of a better word) is about every single one of us being unique. What works for you may not work for me and vice versa.

Regardless of all that, I have always been reticent to admit that I found meditation tough going. It’s always been a bit of a mystery to me. What do people say during the process? Do they fall asleep like me? Should I try TM because it gives me structure (read more on my friend Richard’s journey on that, here). Yet every time I asked someone who I admired, what the secret to their meditation success was, they told me that what they did was ‘a bit of a mishmash’, something personal to them. No help there then. It’s been one of my biggest frustrations — why is meditation so difficult for people like me? I’m a doer, historically busy and searching. I’m all in my head, very slow on the uptake when it comes to working out what my heart is and what it can do for me if I operate more that space, rather than from my head.

I have to say, thanks to 2 years on the Wizard School, I’ve come a long way. But as you’ll probably know yourself, it’s a never-ending journey of trial and error. One day in the flow, the next, considerably more out and into the muddy river.

So anyway, here’s an alternative, if you’re like me. It’s called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, or tapping) and was given to me last week by my dear, friend, Austin Wyse. It’s quick, painless and for me (and many others such as Lily Allen, the singer Anna Krantz and the NHS who are included as fans) I think it could well be transformational in helping me deal with the usual stresses of life that we all face on a daily basis. After only 3 days under my belt, I feel significantly calmer and at ease with the world. I reckon that if you combine this with a little gratitude practice each day (as The Stress Report from the Do Lectures states “Gratitude is a muscle, exercise it”) it will be transformative.

So please, try it for yourself and report back, perhaps a week later, to tell me how you got on. Don’t thank me, thank Austin.