Monthly Report (March 2018)
Apr 1, 2018 · 1 min read

Our team continued developing our project last month. During March we were improving our SEO pages. We made some important translations at these pages. We translated names of countries into 6 languages. And now we should translate names of cities. Also we comtinue developing our phone service.

In march we plan to improve usability of our site. We want to attract an excellent specialist in this area.

March 2018 Statistics

New profiles: 1,214

Sent messages: 4,474

Sent winks: 2,800

Advertising income: 212,33 USD

Premium service income: 401,10 USD

Total income: 613,43 USD

Total income without tax: 506,97 USD

Users: 31,147

Pageviews: 184,524