Here’s to all the long distance niggas floating in confusion, looking stupid

Here’s to all the late night pondering wondering, “Where you at?”

Here’s to all the late text backs and kickbacks ya girl at

Here’s to the heart emojis she sends her guy friends

Here’s to the “brothers” she has

Here’s to the distance keeping you apart

Here’s to the lost art of being consensual, to never have disputes of going out half naked to be cute

Here’s to that pretty ass face when it’s not beat

Here’s to that way your hips can sway to my heartbeat

Here’s to touching roads, fully clothed and holding conversations endlessly

Here’s to not needing sex but fucking because we love it

Here’s to the goosebumps I still get when you touch me

Here’s to all those “read in between the lines” posts you make,

Here’s to all those “only for me” photos you take

Far as hell and it’s killing me can’t you tell? 16 year old you was beautiful and the you now is far beyond, tell me how.

F-Faithful no matter what

R-Re-establishing trust

E-Everything you want

E-Everything you need

D-Determined to stand with God

O-Omniscient in my eyes

M-Melanin of perfection

Freedom was lacking but now you have it. I trust you, I do. It’s men I don’t trust. It’s your friends I don’t trust. They’ve all done you wrong and I’m not excluded. I’m included in the men that has hurt you and it hurts me to see you defeated. But it’s never been that way because you always find a way to stand up, obstacles have been overcame and you’ve reached new heights that I knew you could. A walking example of perfection and as beautiful as our future summer nights on the beach sand underneath our feet. You’ll have guy friends, you’ll drink four loco’s, you’ll wear what you wear, and that’s finally alright with me.

“You must not alter an extravagant piece of art, it’s already a masterpiece” -💚

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