I have a vision of one day waking up at 10 in the morning and looking to my right in awe as I gently kiss my wife as she sleeps and preparing us some hot coffee as we sit on the front porch of our cozy log cabin, cuddled up and thanking the lord for another day. Through this journey of self improvement I’ve made it my mission to strengthen my relationship with God. I’ve been blessed too many times and I’ve witnessed too many miracles to not know that now is the time to become concrete with the Lord. I’ve sinned and I’m far from perfect but he doesn’t care, he accepts me with open arms. I’ve matured in so many ways over the years. Nowadays I find myself wanting to incorporate God into my poetry, music, recreational activities, and the best part is that it comes naturally!! One day I’m going to be able to thank him properly for my family, my fiance, and my countless blessing but until that day comes “Lord please guide me into a better me.” Amen

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