Back Pain and its meaning

A study done in 2009 revealed that 8 out of 10 people have had back pain at some point in their lives, acute or chronic. This means back pain problem is way more common than it even seems. If you’ve ever been to a spine clinic, then you know how many people share your problem and the number is increasing daily. There are more than 1% of people who are completely bed-ridden due to back pain. The causes and treatment for this vary as does the diagnosis. It is important to know why you get the pain in order for us doctors to treat it effectively.

So here are few types of back pains that you may have but never sought consult and might need urgent treatment.

Most kinds of back pain is treatable once the cause is identified. The problem usually starts with either trauma, like a physical jerk or a bad seating posture. In some cases the nerve root is compressed while exiting the vertebral column causing an extremely painful condition called as Sciatica. 
Some people have back pain that starts at the lower back and runs all the way down to their legs. The others maybe suffering from back pain with some pins and needle sensations or severe pain over the toes or heel area. Also there is acute (sudden/short-term) and chronic (long-standing) back pain or pain that is localized to one muscle group only.

The most common region of back pain is upper back pain. This results from poor sitting posture and long sedentary lifestyle, or rarely injury to the shoulder joint or the cervical spine. The problem in Spondylitis, is usually that the poor posture of the neck causes the bones to gradually with time deform and settle to a wrong position, causing inflammation to the muscles and nerves.

Others can have auto-immune causes of bone damage or disc herniation/ protrusion which impinge on the nerves and may cause severe acute or chronic low back pain. 
In many cases of trauma, like fall from a height or falls on the back, it can cause compression fractures of the vertebral body causing shooting pain up the spine.These patients may require a surgery by an experienced spine specialist to treat the underlying problem. 
Quite a large majority of back pain issues are cured easily with Physiotherapy when diagnosed correctly because all they require is muscle stimulation, rest and posture-correction. 
So don’t ignore your problems. And even moreso, don’t “google” them. Visit a doctor for professional therapy.

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