Missing your periods? 4 important period facts you must know

While men are busy living their lives, womanhood is a whole new world. We worry about “those days of the month” being “low or down”. Whatever you may call it, this is a regular monthly affair for us, so it shouldn’t become a cause of worry to any healthy woman! But then it is for most of us.

Menstruation(periods or menses as we know it) and women have a long history and these days of the month are always a part of being a woman. So it is better to understand it, rather than avoid getting it and then eventually end up raising a lot of concerns later on.

Be it mood swings, temper tantrums or plain pain associated with your periods, the hormones acting up are typical of being a woman and so these simple rules apply to all periods:

1.Every woman ABOVE 16 years MUST get her periods (if everything is alright). 
2.Every woman MUST get her periods every month (after every 26–36days)- That is simply why it is called a period.

If any of the above criteria fail, you might have a problem and need to seek medical help. You might have many reasons for any of the above criteria to fail. The most common of basics women need to know about their feminine health are here for you:

1.Missed a period? a.k.a Amenorrhea. I can understand what it feels to miss a period, having faced that myself. But depending on how many days it has been since your expected period, it could be a problem. Irregular periods are signs of hormonal imbalances. However missed period needs a pregnancy test for those exposed & if with regular cycles otherwise. Remember urine pregnancy tests must use the first morning sample of urine taken atleast a week after your expected period date to come positive usually.

2.Delaying a period using pills is usually not advised, due to risks of irregularity in hormones and imbalance causing infertility in future. Though the youth have already taken the game in their hand, it is a dangerous play with hormones and fertility when you self-medicate yourself with tablets for these conditions. Most tablets contain hormonal replacements, hence taking over your body’s system. So when you stop them, the body is in shock without the needed hormones and sometimes cannot get back to the healthy state causing infertility problems. Beware of the risks you take with your body while taking any of those steps,without seeking medical help.However, if you do have to avoid the bleeding, you can use tampons that easily hide within and allow you to comfortably carry on all activities.

3.Use pads, rather than tampons when possible, because the risk of losing or forgetting a tampon inside is higher and it can lead to a serious and life-threatening condition called toxic shock syndrome. Also using cotton pads helps in keeping your environment healthy and the earth green & clean. Maintain hygiene always and especially in those days of the month. Using a feminine/intimate wash is also one of the ways of keeping infection clear. And it is a must to avoid synthetic garments and stick to cotton ones as the synthetic and fancy lingerie incubates infections, whereas the cotton allows the skin to breathe and the filters moisture.

4.Period pain? a.k.a Dysmenorrhea. It can strike anywhere, at home on the bed or at work. But when it does, it becomes intolerable. So why tolerate it when you can end it? This could be a part of a bigger problem but with a small solution! Regular painkillers may cause even more bleeding and could be harmful to your uterus.

It is still a social stigma to talk about periods in our country of billions. But you can always rely on confidential medical help for your period woes and you will feel healthier when time comes. If you have any doubts regarding your monthly cycle, speak to us and get it cleared. Why worry when you can stay stress-free?

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