please do not sigh as you read my love-letter
for this is how I love you
like a scroll that is eternally unfolding
one end reaching Heaven's throne
the other, Earth's footstool
yes, this is how long I'll love you for.

Petite I may be
however this is not how I love you.
My heart is an ocean buried in a puddle.

I have a way with words so I could create a shortcut.
love you like a teenager's abbreviated text
love you like a hurried summary.
oh, I could love you like a sonnet.
fourteen lines today
fourteen lines always.
is this really how you wish to be loved?
if it could be counted, weighed, timed, determined
is it really love?

I know you fear that you may sleep off
when your eyes tire from reading,
hands from turning pages.
but my words are tongues of fire
licking your body
licking your mind
what man sleeps when he is burning alive?

Make no mistake, lover
Even if you 'cut' your love like the budget of a nation in debt
I remain the land overflowing with milk and honey
and diamonds and oil
and love and love.

I have loved you with words
so you can love me with actions.

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