Tithing…Buying The Lie!

The only way tithing can be preached and believed as a valid command of God for those who live beyond the time of the levitical sanctuary which never dealt with righteousness but works within the knowledge of sin, is by preaching a false message of the supposed continuation of the Levitical sanctuary service and using the false doctrine of interpretation by saying that God did not mean what He said and therefore Truth is whatever you interpret it to be so that you may come up with any religion you wish and join in with the millions of those who call themselves believers and interpret God’s to fit their denominational beliefs and therefore no one is wrong and everyone is right in what they preach whether it is going to church on Saturday or going to church on Sunday, whether it is preaching of an ever burning hell or preaching that there is no ever burning hell, or preaching that the soul goes back to God in Heaven or preaching that it does not go back to God in Heaven but sleeps waiting for a Resurrection, or preaching a god called a trinity or preaching that there is no trinity…so everyone is right and no one is wrong…interesting!