A Tale of Two Tax Homes
Romie Stott

Hi Romie! Great article and congratulations for figuring it all out. I wanted to get your thoughts: I live in Mexico, freelancing for a US company that pays me in a US bank account. Mexico taxes you on worldwide income and I will also be earning in pesos — but my question is about my state residency. I established residency in DC until 2013, after which I moved to Mexico. I returned to the US, to Massachusetts (where I grew up and have always had a driver’s license) in 2015. I acquired state health insurance. In 2015 I also worked part of the year in DC. In 2016 I moved back to Mexico…I still have Massachusetts state health insurance but am now freelancing for a DC-based company that uses my DC address. Any thoughts on how I should determine where to pay resident taxes? The bad thing is that Massachusetts doesn’t allow you to exclude foreign income…


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