Choosing From The Best IWB Holsters

Most men will not have trouble deciding whether they want a Springfield XDS holster or whether they would prefer to pick up a OWB holster, however, talk to a woman, and she will tell you how much trouble she has with the same choice. Unless a woman is in law enforcement and has been taught the right way to carry a gun, most women will face similar dilemmas. They will not know which type of holster will work best for them, mainly because they are not in the know about what the main points involved in choosing the same are.

When you are trying to choose a good holster for yourself, your first step should be to make sure that you know the exact make and model of your gun. Having these details in hand, will allow the shopkeeper to show you the perfect fits and it might be a good idea to carry your gun with you, when you are going shopping. However, do remember to remove all the bullets or remove the magazine, before you take it out.

Whether you are looking at inside the waistband or IWB holsters or ones that will drape over your shoulder, you need to keep security the highest priority. This means that when you wear the holster and the gun is in it, no matter what you do, the gun as well as the holster should not move. It is for this reason that most holsters will have a clip that will sit on top of the gun handle and keep it secured.

At the end of the day, if you are carrying a gun, you will intend to take it out at some point of time and in most cases, the need will be urgent, which means that you will have to take the gun out quickly. The holster you choose should be one that offers you ease of access and allows you to take your gun out and put it back easily and efficiently. The best IWB holster would be one that offers complete concealment and also keeps it protected from a possible foe. Your gun should remain safe in its holster and should be accessible only to you.

Finally, aspects such as comfort and material used come into play, because these are also important. The holster should be such that it sits comfortably against your body and does not dig in or cause any discomfort. The material with which the holster has been made will play an important role in this, which is why you need to pay attention to the same as well.