Today I took the Humanmetrics Jung Typology Test again… I got INTJ.

Introvert 3%, iNtuitive 19%, Thinking 19%, and Judging 6%.

I took this test 11 years ago with the same result: INTJ. I think I’ve leveled out a little bit over the years with the percentages. Here’s the paper I wrote on it back then.

December 2004

According to the Humanmetrics Jung Typology Test, my type is INTJ. The spread is extreme. Introverted takes 11%, Judging takes 1%, while iNtuitive and Thinking both take 44% each. This profile is often referred to as “The Mastermind.” I will discuss first what this means by definition, then I will apply it to me.

“The Mastermind” takes control of situations. He gives orders to other people, who in turn follow those orders. He is precise in how things are to be done. Everything is expected to be complete how, when and in what order the instructions are given. He is strong willed and very self confident. Decisions are made easily. He sticks by these decisions because they are, in fact, the best decision out of all the alternatives. The decided route is planned out in his head to be the one with the greatest payoff or most gain. Plans are made logically and exact. They must be carried out in the precise order in which they were originally planned out. Backup plans are always thought out. Any input from others is only taken into consideration only if it conforms to the specific goals that he outlined in the beginning. However, no idea is too far-fetched, as long as it can benefit. Brainstorming for new ideas is common, and any idea that doesn’t work as well as it should is discarded as fast as it was thought up.

If someone capable and intelligent were to be in control, the mastermind would let them lead. But if a leader were to prove himself inept and incapable of fulfilling the requirements, then he would take charge. Organization, decisions, goals, etc, are all flexible and able to change quickly to allow for efficiency, streamlining, or improvement.

Generally INTJ types know a lot about everything, and like to let everyone know they do. They work at perfecting on whatever idea passes through there head. Anything that doesn’t move along or doesn’t prove to be worth the time is discarded and never thought of again while another idea takes it’s place. Usually many ideas fill the minds of these people.

INTJ’s are creative. They have a strong imagination. This lets them work out the details in their mind to determine if something will be of use or not. They are generally non-conformists. When they do conform, it is usually to mask their unconventional ways or weird ways of doing things.

INTJ’s suck at relationships. They tend to devote all their emotions to few people. Self-confidence in intelligence and ideas that help them in other aspects of their life have no sway when it comes to women. It could very well be that they don’t understand women, (who does?). Ideas that aren’t understood and not worth the time are discarded, but that can’t be the case with their relationship. If they don’t understand, they can’t just throw it out. That’s where their self-confidence has no impact. They don’t open up to many people and seem closed off. This can cause others to misread them, which leads to problems of it’s own at times. INTJ’s want other people to make sense. When they don’t make sense it frustrates them. Directness from others is required but never given.

Even though they get frustrated they do devote a lot into trying to make things work. Situations are created in their head. Meanings of, most likely, harmless actions are over-interpreted. When a relationship is found, they tend to be strong.

I like to think of myself as a “Mastermind.” I feel like I do possess some qualities, but most of the time I like to let someone else take the lead and still give me the freedom to do things the way I want to do them. I don’t feel like I have the confidence to make the right decisions about everything. I definitely have a lot to learn. Maybe when I’m old and gray will I know everything and be super-self-confident and make the right decisions ALL the time. Then people will follow me and I will be King of the World. Or, I’ll follow someone else around at the nursing home and hope that they know what they’re doing. Maybe they’ll have a great plan to escape.

To prove that not everything is as organized as a proper INTJ should, I think I broke off my original plan to give straight definition first and actually went off on how I relate to INTJ for most of this paper. Although, this does fit with the INTJ personality in that the original plan is flexible and I changed it to be more effective. This is the best, and only way to do it.