This is what SFPD’s Tenderloin captain said about the incident:
Jonah Owen Lamb

Hopefully you are not so entrenched that you can’t accept criticism of your officers. Hopefully, you can use this unfortunate incident as a means to treat the people you serve with more respect and compassion. Hopefully, you can apologize to this unfortunate person, assist him in getting the resources he needs to survive as a human being in your community.
Hopefully, you can make this a public moment to address the issues that are critical to our survival as a species rather than respond defensively and without heart and soul.

I have worked with kids in the justice system all over the country and seen the brutality and formality with which they are often treated. I have also seen those rare instances where kindness and understanding break through to try and help. rather than pin, punish and display raw power. The results can be amazing.

Hopefully, SFPD can be an example of what we can be, rather than dismissing this as proper protocol under a guise of a host of regulations.

A mistake was made. I would hope you can own it and make your community proud by your humility and understanding.

My Dad was a New York City Cop when I was growing up. I would have been ashamed of him if he had been the officer resting on a prosthetic leg of a homeless man.

One can hope.

Richard Ross

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