In a centuries old competitive world the poor have always suffered the heavy weight of human inequality. Society has yet to evelove in many areas of human functioning. Psychologically we continue reacting to taught messages about others who share this great space we all call home.

Socially enginered deseases like oppression and poverty destroy families and eat-away at the core of many communities. Our nations long history of racism is still brutalizing those of color. High rents have pricedout the working poor, as the elderly continue to struggle, unable to make ends meet.

Our politics and media care little about the poor. Oppress a people for centuries, then blame them for the consequences you have brutally inflicted, how convenient for the oppressor. One speaks of compassion, yet lacks the action to tend and care for societies needed change.

We are politically and religiously tribal, brutally criticizing each other, experts at dividing and fragmenting humanity. We are vicious when others stand in our way, greed consumes us as we pray towards some greater power to ease the very pain we create. Never really looking or seeing, but rather just avoiding and denying our painful truth. Lacking emotional intelligence, as well as, void of compassion and understanding for the plight of others, makes it so……

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