I was never the dark girl,

but the dark girl was always me.

I couldn’t get away from her shadow

even if I’d crossed the street.

Her whole universe was just like her


and if I squinted, I still couldn’t see.

One day, I got my eyes checked.

My mom was there too.

In all reality, I think my mind was wrecked

and that should get checked too.

But instead,

they gave me glasses

and a red lollipop too.

Then I saw that dark girl again-

In the eyes of someone I once knew.

He was laughing and pointing,

and at whatever it was it didn’t seem cool.

I threw my glasses in the trash,

I never needed them in the first place.

And I could never win anything if I tried-

I learned that in the first race.

That dark girl was getting heavy,

and developing a mind of her own.

Her insecurities where beginning to make their grand entrance

and her anger became my throne.

The dark girl was amongst a very select few,

very different from most.

Because the dark girl was never a stranger or a ghost,

but just my world’s smallest dose.

It was me.

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