You will never understand me.

So don’t even try.

The way my brain works is unlike anyone else.

The way my love burns is unmatched by anyone else.

I’m like a sidewalk shadow,

familiar yet doesn’t match what’s really there.

You don’t know if you can trust me.

Or the things I say.

Maybe because you don’t trust yourself.

Or me.

No matter what I’ve shown you,

no matter what you’ve seen,

you’re still trying to figure me out.


I’ve figured you out a long time ago.

How broken you are- I’ve tried to fix you.

How lost you are- I’ve tried to come with you.

How mistaken you are by what’s real and what’s fake- I’ve tried to balance you.

And as much as I love you,

as hard as my hearts beats for you,

I can’t keep trying to change the unchangeable.

Because when you’re all fixed,

because when you’re all found,

because when you’re all balanced,

where will I be?

What will happen to me?

Will you still be here?

Will our love be enough?

Who knows,

time won’t even tell.

So don’t even try to figure me out.

Because you never will.

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