The declaration of Hope

12th October, 2015

I have been always closer to my maternal relatives.

I believe maternal relatives are responsible for spoiling you while paternal relatives teach the value of respect and responsibilities, maybe that’s why I always preferred to spend my holidays with maternal relatives.

They are the reason why I am such a reckless lad; my elder uncle played the crucial part in spoiling me.

He had a son, he was 5 years younger to me, and he was probably my favorite cousin.

Uncle and I shared same enthusiasm for football; we often used to stay up late and watch international matches. He even introduced me to some of his friends who shared the same passion for football.

It wasn’t the only thing that we shared; we even had the same enthusiasm for sea food.

He was a terrible cook though; once he cooked butter chicken, it was probably the greasiest butter chicken in entire human history. Cooking is not his forte.

Sometimes all three of us, me, uncle and my cousin used to sneak out at night and used to look for late night street vendors; no matter how many times you taste the international cuisines at expensive restaurants, nothing beats the taste of aloo ke parathe under the shining stars.

When the time came to make a decision to either visit Goa with friends or to visit the Uncle who had a heart attack, I chose the latter.


The tragedy was not exactly unexpected; Uncle had a rough diet, he was going through financial crisis and family melodrama was putting a lot of stress on him.

He was more of a care free person, not the guy who will spend wisely.

He made some terrible business choices and the results were not in his favor.

Fortunately, it took his few days of medical attention and few days of bed rest to recover; but the real monster was yet to come.

The medical bills were due; the modern technology can heal anyone, but it’s meant for the rich only.

My friends seemingly were having a good time there; they posted some amazing pictures on Facebook.

I secretly hated Uncle for the first time. Our friend circle had been planning to go to Goa for several years now, and when we finally did, I couldn’t make it.

I thought to myself, “Why did I come? He is alright now. I could have made an excuse about some upcoming exam.”

But the financial tension was on everyone’s face.

I couldn’t have afforded the trip anyway.

I was most worried for my cousin; he was in 12th standard and the event had caused a major setback on his studies.


When I went back to college, all the guys from my friend circle were busy sharing their adventures.

I was alone; my vacation neither had encounters with beautiful foreigners in bikini nor did I get the opportunity to try various sea foods.

Their shared adventure had strengthened their bonds further; I had to assume what they were talking about through their Facebook pictures.

The major revelation was that Goa is not all about beaches and bikini, it is more than that.

It has its own culture; there are various churches, food cuisine and hosts some of the most vivid festivals.

It got me curious and I started to find more about it; I started to find more about other beaches of the country.

There were so many intriguing ones, but these 5 got my undivided attention.

1. Kovalam

2. Tarkali

3. Covelong

4. Mandvi

5. Port Blair

Is it hope?

5th September, 2017

After almost two years, I heard Uncle is doing fine, both physically and financially.

His terrible choices and failures taught him valuable lessons, they helped him in future. He even started to take cooking seriously; this time his butter chicken was delicious.

My cousin, despite having the setback, did extremely good and got the college of his choice.

I was working on JustifyNow, an online magazine.

We decided to have a “Top 5 ______” section; one of the earliest blogs discussed about Top 5 beaches of the country.

Funny, isn’t it!

My family was going through financial and internal issues while my friends had indirectly discluded me from their conversations; I had my solace in my quest of knowledge.

I might have believed it to be my curiosity back then, but now I realize it was hope — hope of being at these places, someday.

Superman is the most beloved superhero, not because he is the strongest, cause he represents hope.

The idea of including a “Top 5 ______” section is not to flaunt how much I know, its aim is to give hope, hope to the ones who are going through struggle and need a reason to make out of it.

The “Top 5 _____” is solely dedicated to help our readers to know some of the aspects of this world that they might have not known before, society is not open towards controversial and bizarre topics.

There was a time when we decided to remove the section and focus entirely on the personal story based contents, although, I realized how much hope can mean to you when all you have is nothing but hope.

We aim to provide a platform where everyone can share “hope” in their own way.

Columbus wouldn’t have discovered America if he didn’t had “hope”.

The world is beautiful, we just fail to notice the best things around us.

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