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Un mentor de Robotique Udes, Alex Morin, qui aide un jeune dans une construction de catapulte en Lego

Le décrochage scolaire est un grand fléau autant par son étendue que de par son impact dans la vie des jeunes décrocheurs ainsi que leur future famille et communauté. …

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I love open source

These past 4 months, I was blessed to have a internship in DevOps. This internship was special because I had to advise the company on how to use and implement a serverless infrastructure. My journey brought me to Knative, an open source project that is just 1 year old. Knative is a set of powerful tools to build, serve and react to events in a serverless infrastructure based on Kubernetes. A lot of companies work with Knative. The project is mostly back by Google, IBM, Red Hat, Pivotal, and more.

Starting out, I did not have experience in DevOps. The only thing I knew was Docker, of which I would later discover that I still had much to learn about. Also, as with every new Google backed open source project, everything is built in Go and I knew nothing about Go! With this frame of reference established, you can understand that I was a total greenhorn in the field. The following details what I learned going from a beginner to OK. …

This is a guest post from Justin Brulotte, a DevOps intern at AppDirect who worked on integrating Ambassador with Knative.

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Knative Logo

I love Ambassador. The config is so easy to do and easy to understand. I recently work with Knative and try to make it work with Ambassador.

What is Knative

Knative a set of tools to make Serverless Application on a Kubernetes cluster. This is an open source project backed by Google, Red Had, Pivotal and more. Knative makes use of Istio for Gateway to the function, managing traffic, and other server mesh stuff.

Why using Ambassador with Knative

In Knative/Istio world everything has to pass to the istio-ingressgateway. If you have a function that is served by Knative you will have to Host: where hello-world is your function name, default the namespace and your domain. …


Justin Brûlotte

Developer, Entrepreneur, and swimming athelete. (

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