Tiktok is the Most Creative Place Online…How Can Your Company Best Join the Fun?

  1. For You Page: This is the personalized recommendation feed based on how that user interacts with other videos. This is the page most users spend the majority of time on as it’s the videos you love or are likely to love.
  2. Discover Page: The discover page is a page that lays out what is trending and is a good summary of the most popular content on the platform. This is the starting point to create content. It allows a user to see what others are creating and start to mimic that experience.
  3. Challenge Page: This page is always linked to trending content. It is also a page that brands can own to customize the experience.
  4. Song/Sound page: This is a page that allows the user to search for a specific song or sound, see what content has been made which incorporates that sound and begin to make their own content with it.
  • Topview: The Topview is the opportunity for a brand to own a specific moment and get in front of users for a full day as the first piece of content all users see that day. It’s ideal for 15–30 second content that can go viral but is less suited for early-stage companies given the upfront cost associated with a full takeover.
  • Brand Takeover: The brand takeover is a more traditional 5-second ad unit that is showed to a user when they first open Tiktok. It tends to be the place to start for most advertisers but offers less room to be creative than the other channels.
  • #Hasthtag challenge: This is a great opportunity for creativity and a number of big brands have seen some real success here. The key is to make it as easy and playful for your users as you can in trying to get them to play along with fun dances or games. One good example was the #ChipotleLidFlip, in which participants had to show off their abilities to flip the lid onto the bowl without using their hands. The company launched this challenge as a way to promote their Cinco de Mayo deal-free delivery.
  • In Feed Video is described as the most “natural” ad unit as branded content gets served into users’ feeds. As a user navigates the app, they will see the brand’s ad alongside all other content that they would otherwise see.
  • Branded Effects: This allows companies to create stickers or leverage AR for overlays that go over videos that users have created. Its meant to be a fun way to put branding on top of user-generated videos and allows for multiple types of user targeting.




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