Changing the world #1

What does it mean, at least in my mind, to change the world? There are quite a handful of ways to change the world such as: Invent a revolutionary device, revamp a failing system, or simply helping people in need. These are just a few ways of changing the world but that’s not enough, just saying it. In order for these things to actually change the world, they have to actually be created and accomplished. If we just say how we can change the world yet won’t do it, we don’t improve anything we clearly see as wrong. Here are some specifics for the three above ways I have managed to concoct.

What could I possibly mean by inventing a revolutionary device that would change the world? Certain devices in the past have most definitely done it such as the automobile and the light bulb. What is to stop someone from making water engines or more efficient nuclear power? Although some inventions can cause issues down the road like coal powered objects, but if we hold ourselves back in our own inefficient society, we won’t make it as an entire planet. That is why we, both want and need an invention that will change the world hopefully for the better.

Sometimes, revamping a failing system can work just as well or work in unison with a new invention above. But, before people can revamp the system, people need to realise what’s wrong with it. A current one I can name right now is the state of our medicine. We have a system that promotes companies that sell drugs over natural options that have little side effects. If we realise this is an issue, we can really help ourselves as a society and grow to do better things and make better decisions.

In my opinion, the worst method for changing the world would be reason three, helping a person in need like someone homeless. What I mean by this is like what Ishmael says, that if you feed the starving people, they reproduce and create more starving people. This is why the third method is not that good. It only fixes something short term but causes a lot more problems down the road.

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