Even if rainbows, glitter and crowds aren’t your thing, you’d be pushed not to have noticed it’s Pride season. While you might expect your friends, favourite charities and gay press to be rolling out the rainbow carpet, this year has felt a bit special in that gaming is really starting to fly the Pride flag in support of LGBT+ gamers.

Whether it’s in the representation of characters, or the attitude of the wider community, gaming hasn’t always been great at the way it tackles gender and sexuality (in many ways it has some of the same problems you see in traditional sports — just swap jock culture for geeks). That’s why its been so great to see a company like Blizzard (World of Warcraft, Starcraft etc.) support LGBT+ gamers by hosting a special Pride-themed edition of their global eSports tournament, Overwatch League.

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London Gaymers was thrilled to be invited to host the UK’s official Overwatch League Pride viewing party at Server, Loading Bar in London. The event saw us join forces with gaymer groups around the world and our local Overwatch League team, the London Spitfires. It was amazing to take part in what must have been the most visible display of LGBT+ gamers in any eSports competition worldwide. …

Justin Harbottle

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