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Marcus Gilchrist isn’t very good and just had patellar tendon surgery. Calvin Pryor is inconsistent at best and approaching the last year of his contract. You can be underwhelmed by two safeties in the first two rounds, but it’s not as if they didn’t address a position of need.

How many articles have there been about how unprepared modern college O-linemen are, and how they all need 3 years in the NFL until they’re serviceable? Why invest a high round pick on a project that isn’t even playing a skill position? Can’t you develop late round guys into competent linemen?

If the Jets get mediocre QB play next year, they’re going to outperform expectations. They stunk last year, but that was a function of truly awful QB play with like 6,000 red zone interceptions and a dysfunctional secondary. The Jets are going to be a fringe wild-card team this year, as luck would have it, which will, of course, sink any hopes of being able to use a top 5 draft pick on a QB, but maybe that’s not so bad. How many top 5 QBs stink? I’m pretty skeptical that another USC QB is anyone’s answer to a question other than “what’s going to ruin your football team for the next 5 years?”

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