4 Jobs Every Introvert Should Consider

Justin Cardwell
Jan 7 · 4 min read

“Everyone shines, given the right lighting” — Susan Cain

If hanging with large crowds of people is exhausting, you have a small group of friends, people tend to think you are quiet and reserved, and if you are very self-aware then you probably fall higher on the introspective scale rather than the social extrovert.

Most of us spend over eight hours per day working, and many don’t realize that our jobs are draining the life from us because our jobs don’t fit our personality types — leaving us unmotivated, stressed, and miserable. If you are unsure where you fall between introversion and extroversion, take the free personality test from 16Personalities.

Doing something you love that doesn’t exhaust you is important, as we can do something we love for longer and with higher quality than something that is draining and short-term in nature. For that reason, I wanted to help fellow introverts with job ideas — either part-time or full-time — that would drive extroverts insane but are a paradise for introverts.

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Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a degree in literature or English to be a successful writer. There are thousands of opportunities daily to make a living as a freelance writer — allowing you to build your own platform or work for someone else — or both.

The amount of money you can make from freelance writing varies widely, which depends highly on several factors including experience, your subject, the size of your audience, and the frequency of your output. PayScale estimates $22.46 per hour on average, however, the range is wide from $10 to $50 per hour.

There are several platforms that will help you launch a writing career including Medium, UpWork, and ProBlogger. Each platform has certain benefits. In your first few years of writing, don’t focus on the money. Learn to build a following in your specific niche, becoming an expert and a trustworthy author — and then focus on income.


Every great writer has an editor. Finding errors and offering advice on how to make a piece of written work shine is the main job as an editor. As a side gig or full time, editors are in high demand and are well paid if you get assigned to the correct publication. PayScale estimates the average editor salary is $51,000 per year, ranging between $34,000 and $82,000.

Working remotely for a publication or multiple publications, or simply as a freelance editor, once you build a portfolio and consistent track record it won’t be difficult to edit full-time. UpWork is a great place to start, however, Indeed and LinkedIn post the most lucrative remote editor jobs on the internet.

Online Teacher

Universities are offering online platforms for distance students to learn the material, working closer toward a degree in their given field. Becoming an online teacher or professor requires experience in the field you are applying in combination with education — a master’s degree at minimum in most cases.

GetEducated reports an average salary per semester for each course between $1,500 and $2,000.

You can find jobs on Flexjobs, Indeed, LinkedIn, or by going to each university’s websites. There are over 4,700 colleges and universities in the United States, most offering online learning in some form. If you have been working for a few years and have a higher education, becoming an online instructor may be a good fit.

Social Media Manager

The last job on the introvert’s list is a social media manager. Representing a company through social media is a growing field of expertise, as businesses don’t have time to manage the growing number of social media platforms.

You don’t need a degree in marketing to become a social media manager but be prepared to show a portfolio of successful clients that you currently manage. To make a full-time income, you will need to manage multiple companies in most cases, however, as you become more successful, you can charge higher rates per company represented — slowly growing your marketing services.

The average salary for a social media manager in the United States from Indeed.com is $49,082, but remember that this is an average across 1,297 salaries submitted. The salary range was between $14,000 and $106,000. Other titles for a social media manager include social media coordinator, marketing coordinator, digital marketer, and marketing manager.

These are just four jobs that introverts can capitalize on, working from the library, your home or office, or in the middle of your favorite coffee shop. By eliminating meetings from your day and focusing on the work, you can scale any of these jobs and generate six figures with enough time, research, and effort.

With each job, there is a varying requirement of social interaction to become successful, however, these jobs solely focus as little face to face interaction as possible — making them the most introvert friendly ways to make money.

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I sit around all day drinking coffee writing about business and finance. I couldn't ask for a better life if I tried.

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