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  1. Anthony Davis ($5)
  2. Karl-Anthony Towns ($4)
  3. Mike Conley ($2)
  4. Khris Middleton ($2)
  5. Chandler Parsons ($2)

One thing is for sure with this group, they’ll make you forget that the Big Man is dead. Two of the best two-way bigs in the Association? Yes please. The criminally underrated true point guard? Yes please. Length, defensive effort, and 40+% shooting from beyond the arc? If you insist. We’ve seen in the past that Conley can hang with the Warriors guards, same goes for Towns and Davis. Middleton and Parsons should acquit themselves well enough on Iggy and Klay. Further, there’s enough athleticism in this bunch to switch on D should President Brad Stevens (coaches don’t count against the cap) opt to go that route. I haven’t even mentioned the offense yet. Sure, Draymond can guard one of Towns or Davis, but who ya got on the other? Durant? He can’t hang on either one of those for an entire night, much less a series. Iguodala? Anthony Davis is already dreaming of more 40 point nights. Conley is the perfect point guard to run the show, too. The guy just makes the right play, and only dominates the ball when he has to. Middleton and Parsons are also decent secondary ball handlers, and Conley can play off the ball adequately as well. Seriously, can we make this matchup happen already?

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