Update to the road map

As a follow up to the last post, I thought I’d just update our progress on all the tasks, as well as what we’re working on moving forward.

For the localisation of text, we’ve decided to leave this feature for a future release. Since we’ll be going live in Australia only during the initial phases, it doesn’t make sense to devote too much time for something we won’t be using for awhile.

Validate ABN Number

At first we tried to do this via Azure functions with Python, but weren’t very impressed with Azure’s support of Python. So then we tried out Amazon’s lambda. I found this a much better Python experience, but then it meant having to maintain another set of services in our growing stack. So in the end, we decided to pause this feature for now and eventually see if we could just implement it using Graph.cool’s Functions in a future release

Talking about Azure and Microsoft, we have almost completely moved away from Microsoft’s services. The only thing we’re currently using is a Jenkins server on Azure and VS Code. We’ve migrated away from Visual Studio Team Services to Jira and Bitbucket and been incredibly happy with the move.

We’ve also moved our hosting of our website from Azure to Netlify.

So how are we progressing with our first major feature. It’s progressing well and testing has proved positive. At the moment, it’s restricted to only the developers being able to see the progress, which is one of the main reasons we spun up a Jenkins server. Jenkins will allow us to have a publicly accessible version that will allow people outside of Kudoo to view our progress.

With Jenkins as soon as a developer submits their code, those changes will roll out immediately to the web at https://www.beta.kudoo.com.au

We are making good progress on this new deployment methodology and hoping it will be live by 30th of June. So please check back then if you’d like to play with the early release.

If you’d like to talk about Kudoo then please join us on Slack at https://join.slack.com/kudoocloud/signup

I’ll update with some screen shots of our first feature over the coming weeks.