With my poor English (I’m from Argentina and don’y manage the language very well), I think that…
Juan Andrés Frank

While I mostly agree with your assessment (and thanks for the recommendation of “on the political”), I recommend caution about ‘demonizing’ the other. You said English is not your first language, so I won’t hold it against you, but at least in U.S. political discourse it isn’t a word that justly reflects the standpoint of the 99%. There is a very real Christian Right that hears the word ‘demonize’ quite differently than the secular left. There is also a Christian Left (i.e. Dr. Cornell West, MLK Jr.’s legacy, and perhaps Nina Turner is moving that direction,) that the word doesn’t quite fit into their call to ‘love everyone, even your enemies.’ All that being said, pointing out objective facts of oppression has never sounded great to the ears of the oppressor. But that doesn’t mean anyone is being demonized.
Once again, thanks for the comment and I enjoyed hearing your perspective from Argentina.

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