Real Ways to Get Ready for the 2015 Flu Season

Follow the tips in this article to end “careless” germ spreading today.

History shows that flu season can be uncomfortable at best and deadly at worst. That’s why it’s important to be prepared for the coughing and sneezing that’s sure to start in October. Anyone who has had the flu will agree that it’s better to be ready. The fact is that it’s easier to start preparing for flu season earlier than later. Some people may say they never get the flu, but it’s better to have a plan, then no plan at all for the upcoming 2015 flu season.

Get a Flu Shot

People who want to lessen the chances of getting bit by the flu bug should get a flu shot as soon as they’re available. Most walk in clinics and medical offices make them available in the beginning of October when flu season starts. This vaccine is now available as a shot or a nasal spray and protects against three to four flu strains. With that being said, it’s better to get this shot as soon as possible. That’s because this vaccine is most effective for people who haven’t been exposed to the flu virus this year. People who don’t want to wait in line to get their shot can always make an appointment at their preferred medical establishment.

Wash Those Hands

This may sound like a simple piece of advice, but it’s effective because clean hands means a healthier environment. That’s because this is one way to stop the spread of germs and only requires hot water, soap, and 20 seconds in front of a sink. People on the run can use hand sanitizer in a pinch. It’s easy to imagine why this works. People use their hands all day from eating to shaking hands with their friends. During flu season that’s still going on, except now people are coughing, sneezing, and spreading germs around. It’s good that something as simple as somebody washing their hands can slow down the spread of influenza virus.

Don’t Spread it Around

While it’s a good idea for people to cover their mouth when they cough or sneeze, they don’t have to use their hand to do it. Instead, they can sneeze into their elbow and decrease the amount of the germs they spread around. It’s still recommend that people wash their elbows as they would wash their hands. People should also avoid touching doorknobs in public bathrooms. It stands to reason that not everyone washes their hands, so that doorknob may be a germ hotspot during flu season. If contact with the doorknob cannot be avoided, use a paper towel when touching it. It’s also a good idea to use hand sanitizing wipes on shopping carts, grocery baskets, and anything else that’s frequently used by the public.

Most people would agree that it’s difficult to avoid contact with the rest of the human population during flu season. However, getting a flu shot, effective hand washing practices, sneezing into the elbow, and wiping down commonly used public items are all very easy to accomplish. People who want to be first in line for their flu shot can call their nearest walk in clinic to make an appointment.