UNIHACK Melbourne 2016

Web and mobile apps are among the most popular choice of hackathon project, but why limit your creativity to just the digital world? Take 2016 UNIHACK entry The Magic Hand for example, a team decided to bring their own 3D printer and made a physical Piano Tiles solver.

Actual real world utility: 0. Awesomeness: 100!

With the availability of inexpensive and well-documented microcontroller such as Arduino, creating a hardware prototype had never been easier.

Here are some of the most popular hardware that are used in a hackathons according to a report by Techcrunch.

Arduino: With over a million…

Welcome back to the third and last part of my overview of APIs! Today we’ll go through some other APIs that you might be interested in.

Music and Graphics API

Spotify: Did you know you can gather information about music by using Spotify API? As one of the largest music streaming service, Spotify offers to be your main sources of music information such as artists and albums. Spotify also offers many other developer tools that were used to build popular music app such as Shazam.

SoundCloud: Dubbed as the Youtube of music, Soundcloud API let developer integrate sound features such as playing and uploading…

Hope you enjoyed [Part 1] of this series! Following up from yesterday, I will be introducing some more APIs that are popular among hackathon contestant.

Today we explore some of the most effective communication APIs as well as the technologies that power the growth of e-commerce.

Communication API

Communication API provide the type of service that is often overlooked but nonetheless central to a product. Programmable communication such as automated phone response, the notification emails from Facebook, the invitation emails from Slack and so on used to be fairly difficult to configure. Fortunately, many APIs are available to help us with that!

Hackathons are all about technology, innovation and productivity. With as little as 24 hours to make a prototype, every minute are valuable. Luckily, there is an abundance of APIs available for you to add a diverse range of rich features onto your platform. So make sure you don’t reinvent the wheel!

I will be showing you some of the most popular API you can use for your hackathon here and the next few posts.

Social API:

As social media became increasingly popular, efficiently channeling those resources can be extremely valuable for your product.

  • Facebook: The social media giant offers API far beyond…

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