Four Short Videos to Get You Inspired for Another School Year (Or Just About Anything Else)

You’ve ordered your books. The new kicks are waiting in your closet (threads too). But, you’re struggling to get pumped for the upcoming school year. This post is for you.

Remember Your Why

I’ve heard innumerable leaders speak on the importance of your why, but the most recent one is one of my favorite speakers: Eric Thomas.

In one of his epic kick-you-in-the-butt motivational speeches he challenges: “What’s your why?”

Practically, what is the reason you pursued college and what do you hope to achieve by completing your degree?

As a first-generation college student working full-time while providing for a family of five and taking a full course load I get to see my “Why” every day as I walk out the door. What is your why?

Learn the Most Important Word Ever

Another one of my favorite speakers is Gary Vaynerchuk. This guys knows how to hustle and will definitely motivate you to start the year well and remember the “most important word ever.”

Hustle. Drive. Effort. Whatever you want to call it — you need to write this word on your notebooks, your mirror, your alarm clock. Write it somewhere and apply it as you approach this upcoming school year.

Decide to Level-Up Your Work Ethic

I’m an avid sports fan and find a lot of motivation watching some of my favorite athletes. Check out this short video on work ethic featuring some incredible athletes, including Kobe, AI, and Ray Lewis.

Kobe Bryant is one of the hardest workers alive. And his work ethic has brought him ridiculous success. Remember that you reap what you sow and decide now what study habits you will pursue in order to achieve academic success.

If All Else Fails

Best of luck and have a phenomenal school year!

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