Creepy Progaganda Posters from the 1930s

(Published here as a series as well)

A massive crash of the financial markets gives rise to a massive government jobs program employing millions of Americans. Among those are tens of thousands of artists living on the government dime to produce propaganda.

No, this isn’t a post-2008 crash Obama dream it’s the original crash and the crazy reality of America in a fascist-lite motif in the 1930s after the great depression. Enter the WPA.

The Works Progress Administration (WPA) was a New Deal program which employeed some 3 million Americans at its zenith. Under this program was something dubbed “Federal Project Number One” paying artists, writers, musicians and thespians to create and promote works which produced an incredible stream of government propaganda that would make anyone anywhere on today’s political spectrum throw up a little in their mouths

Don’t get me wrong. From an artistic perspective some of these are fanstastic. From a content perspective it’s like the American Ad Council cone a bit out of control.

Let’s review a few themes. Note: in another post we might examine more closely the the Committee on Public Information. Those posters will really make you question early 20th century patriotism.


By my estimation a near majority of the posters produced were all about keeping Americans healthy and raising kids correctly.

The original “Got Milk” campaign
This one is my favorite. “Mammas don’t let your babies grow up to be fascists!”


More specifically Syphilis was the biggest target. Traditional propoganda guilting in relation to children, war and your duty as an American abound.

The office postern of our modern day with OSHA promotions got nothing on this stuff.


Everybody needs a job so the WPA stepped in to make it happen. No Soviet overtones here!

Government sponsored demos on how to serve a household
Safety, safety, safety!


…is here. Spies are everywhere! Be careful! Be quit!

Serve in Silence. Hmmmm


We rely on the family and citizens to keep the country going. Oh, and use the latrine!

That’s not a creepy family at all. I think all it’s missing is the hammer and sickle.
1930s family robot factory?
Yep. Government Housing has ALWAYS lead to lower juvenile crimes.
Household service was a government controlled entity?


Original theater pieces were composed on the government dime. Some have overt political tones others are just… creepy… and by today’s standards, racisct.

Just Weird

A Free Government Service. So that’s where the Grand Canyon came from. Thanks Uncle Sam!
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