Gelinaz Shuffle 2 List Revealed!

The super-elite group of the Gelinaz Shuffle — the brainchild of Andrea Petrini and Alexandra Swenden — kicked off all over the world on November 10th. It sought to be a sequel to the similar event that happened last July where chefs from all over swapped restaurants with other chefs and cooked for one night as a surprise. Tickets were expensive, seating was limited, and it was all a secret up until the first course found it’s way into someones mouth. Social media should’ve taken care of the rest.

However, it was a huge issue with those of us sitting at home (or working away in other kitchens) when we got a ton of hype and then zero reveals of where everyone went. If you were interested enough to follow Gelinaz on any social networks, all you got were videos and tweets from their event in Brussels where they brought even more chefs to cook there at their “HQ”.

Individual chefs might have given some hints leading up to the swap, but even afterwards at the time of writing this, there is still no list highlighting who went where and what actually happened. Some sources provided a list of top 10 best looking dishes of the event, but even then, no comprehensive list prevailed.

I loved the game Clue growing up, and this was a very 2016 version of that: trying to decode who cooked where and at what restaurant using Twitter and Instagram. I can confidently say that a large percentage of this list is accurate. My research showed that they even added a chef to the shuffle (Paolo Lopriore) who wasn’t listed as one of the original 40, so the count should then arrive at 41, however I wasn’t able to find where Danny Bowien cooked.

So this is my unofficial, slightly comprehensive, but thoroughly researched list of who was where in the Gelinaz Shuffle 2:

Massimo Bottura — Hedone, London

Zaiyu Hasegawa — Lido 84, Italy

Carlo Mirarchi — Tondo, Paris

Christian Puglisi — Alajmo, Italy

José Avillez — Aqua, Germany

Rodolfo Guzman — McCrady’s, USA

Niko Romito — Central, Peru

Yoshihiro Narisawa — Reale, Italy

Dan Hunter — D.O.M., Brazil

Ben Shewry — Meadowood, USA

René Redzepi — Yam’tcha, Paris

Jock Zonfrillo — Blanca, NYC

Sven Elverfeld — Gaggan, Bangkok

Lee Tiernan — Manu, Brazil

Danny Bowien — ?

Christopher Kostow — Osteria Francescana, Italy

Adeline Grattard — Attica, Australia

Matt Orlando — Mission Chinese, USA

Vladimir Mukhin — Belcanto, Portugal

Dave Pynt — Bo Lan, Bangkok

Tagged himself in 4 different locations!

Mikael Jonsson — Orana, Australia

Sean Gray — Narisawa, Japan

Virgilio Martinez — Jimbocho Den, Tokyo

David Thompson — Hisa Franko, Slovenia

Paul Carmichael — Le Chateaubriand

Anand Gaggan — Momofuku Ko, USA

Inaki Aizpitarte — Burnt Ends, Singapore

Riccardo Camanini — Amass, Copenhagen

Dominique Crenn — Nahm, Thailand

Simone Tondo — Black Axe Mangal, London

Alex Atala — Momofuku Seiōbo, Australia

Blaine Wentzel — Brae, Australia

Sean Brock — White Rabbit, Russia

Daniel Burns — Maido, Peru

Alexandre Silva — The Willows Inn, USA

Massimiliano Alajmo — Noma, Copenhagen

Manu Buffara — Luksus, NYC

Mitsuharu Tsumura — Atelier Crenn, USA

Ana Ros — Relae, Copenhagen

Bo Songivsava — Loco, Portugal

Paolo Lopriore — Borago, Chile

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