Justin McGlamry Participated In The DECA Regional Competition In 2009

Justin McGlamry

Justin McGlamry completed his high school from White Knoll situated in Lexington, South Carolina. While studying in the school, he participated in the DECA Regional Competition in 2009. He was greatly appreciated by his peers, seniors, juniors, and the faculty of White Knoll for his achievement. Earlier, the organization, DECA was known as Distributive Education Clubs of America and Delta Epsilon Chi, whereas, these days, on the college level it is called Collegiate DECA. It is an international association of college as well as high school students and teachers of management, marketing, and entrepreneurship in finance, business, marketing sales and service, and hospitality.

This organization prepares entrepreneurs and leaders for education and careers in marketing, management, hospitality, finance, and additional business areas. It is counted amongst the top ten organizations listed as Career and Technical Student Organizations by the US Department of Education. Justin McGlamry provides information about the competition hierarchy of the DECA, which includes Regional (in a few areas, it is called District or Area Competition), Provincial Competition (Canada), or SCDC (State Career Development Conference), and ICDC (International Career Development Conference). A few of the other conferences at the high school level include:

- Ultimate DECA Power Trip
- Central Region Leadership Conference (CRLC)
- Western Region Leadership Conference (WRLC)
- Innovations and Entrepreneurship Conference
- Emerging Leader Summit (formerly WROTC & SOLT)
- New York Experience
- North Atlantic Region Leadership Conference (NARCON)
- State Competitive Conferences (SCC)
- Southern Region Leadership Conference (SRLC)
- Sports and Entertainment Marketing Conference

Justin explains that DECA is divided into 4 divisions, which include High School, Collegiate DECA, Alumni, and Professional. The goal of the organization is to enhance education as well as career opportunities for students who wish to pursue their careers in entrepreneurship, management, and marketing. Its members include more than 220,000 advisers and students across the US, Mexico, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, The People’s Republic of China, South Korea, Spain, Germany, Turkey, and Japan. The Executive Officer Teams of DECA include one President and 4 Vice Presidents. Every year, a new team of officers is elected at the International Career Development Conference by voting representatives from every corner of the world.

In 2009, Justin McGlamry was also conferred a William Long Scholarship Award, and with the help of this scholarship, he attended Midlands Tech to pursue his Civil engineering.

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