Jessica Smith’s Blog

This week we learned about Jessica Smith’s blog. On her blog she talks about the keys to success on creating your social brand. On her blog, she puts all of her points into extreme detail, which is very helpful for someone like students who want to make their own social brands. One of the things she talked about is getting your fans and your followers involved. She even goes as far as doing a Q and A with her fans. The responses she received were all put on her blog for everyone to see. Getting your fans involved is a great idea because who doesn’t want to connect and have their voice heard through someone that they admire, like Jessica. Another thing we should all be doing, is when tweeting, we should all be using graphics and videos. In this age, everyone loves videos as opposed to reading long articles. To be honest, if I were to see a tweet with a video and a tweet with an article, both about the same thing, I am going to watch the video because watching a video is way more interesting than reading an article. These are all great tools that everyone should be using to further make their social brands stick out and be stronger.

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