By Justin Anthony

Create art. Whether visual, auditory or structural, art can never be taken from you. It will never leave you. Art is a partner with infinite fidelity, a golden retriever that will outlive you, a packet of Tim-Tams that truly never runs out (nor gets sold to an American parent company).

Every minute you spend creating it is a minute of progress. There are no backward steps in art. Brush strokes that destroy, simultaneously create. Guitar solos that sounded better before your bagpipe overdub experiments now stand more proudly alone.

We dedicate years of our lives to desks, coffees, promotions, perfecting our elevator conversation, fitting in, arguments, sex, formal wear, casual wear, jewellery we didn’t make, online personae, being a foodie. None of this will be with you on your death bed. Do we even realise that these are so patently means to an end? But what end? Love and family seem an obvious answer, but sadly, in 2015, the odds are stacked against you. You can LITERALLY waste 20 years of your life in this pursuit and have nothing but some combination of resentment, isolation, alimony, children that don’t talk to you, infidelity, distrust and a high ranking office job you hate to show for it. I’m not saying love is not worth striving for. I’m saying it can’t be the ONLY thing worth striving for — otherwise I’d like my chips back please.

Strive for art. Your art cannot divorce you or disown you. It is yours for as long as you keep your hard drive backed up. Sure, it can frustrate you, possess and torment you. But once you step away and sheath your chisel, it thereafter only ever gives.

So make something. Something without inherent purpose or utility. In doing so you will transcend the mundane functionality of being a socialising, reproducing mammal. Maybe nobody will like it. I mean I probably won’t. But I like kitchen-utensil sound art FFS. And besides, your art is yours and yours only. It sets you apart from your physical body and your mind. Nobody can truly know you until they see/hear/taste it. Your art is quite literally, you.