Hopefully, Square Enix is Taking a Lesson from Capcom’s Book

Capcom has thrown a ‘Game of the Year’ sized softball at you, Square Enix. Are you taking it?!

Polygonal Beginnings (‘93-’00)

Let us set the scene. At Capcom in 1993, Tokuro Fujiwara suggests remaking a game from the Family Computer (or Nintendo Entertainment System as it’s know in the west), called Sweet Home. A game that was based on a Japanese horror film of the same name, and was set in a mansion haunted by supernatural beings. The player must survive the mansion with limited weaponry and health supplies. Several twists, turns, and adjustments later over the next three years would give us Resident Evil in March of 1996 to critical acclaim.

This was very impressive back in the day. Oh, how young we were. (Especially me, I was barely a year old when these games came out.)

Growing Pains (‘00–’09)

Both series would lay low for the first half of the 2000s, mostly releasing spin-off games, ports and movie tie-ins, until coming back swinging with Resident Evil 4 in 2005 and Tomb Raider: Legend in 2006, respectively.

Going Separate Ways (2012-present)

In 2012, Resident Evil 6 was released, and with an even heavier focus on action, a lack luster story, and fewer scares than ever, many considered this the game that killed the franchise.

It ain’t the 90s no more.
On your left, you have everything Resident Evil does great. On your right, you have another deadly animal encounter.
Image via GameDevolution (Looks like we’re living in the era of glow ups)

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