Thanks! Two thoughts.
Ben Nasmith

Oh. I wasn’t intending to imply there is no subjective revelatory experience, which would need an explanation of some sort. I do, of course, agree there is. But even the language you/I use to describe the subjective revelation — “Think of Romans 5:5 and 8:16 for example. God both pours out God’s love into our hearts and directly reveals our status as children of God by the Holy Spirit.” — is both written tradition and catholic tradition. Our subjective moral and sense-of-the-transcendent-love experience faces a further question of objective claims to revelation, as in stuff we must be told (e.g., the Bible, the Church). That’s the part to which my question was referring.

Yeah. More theology would be good. Medium is going to get pretty big in the next couple years (educated guess), so at some point I’m sure many will be here. At least we are early to the party. :)