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I agree. I think the key to team building in the “I’m-not-a-billionaire-yet” stage has got to be two aspects that you have spoken of. The first, in your article on asking — when you got free tickets to the Warrior’s game. Asking for help or for someone to be on your team is critical, even if you are asking for an unpaid favor. One thing I have noticed is that there are certain types of people that I am much more comfortable asking favors from as well. I’d much rather ask for a favor from someone who has an attitude of “Sure, no problem,” than from someone who has an attitude of, “Well, all right, I suppose I could make it work.” The second key, I think is what you’ve written in this post here: gratitude and appreciation. Just like the asker doesn’t want to feel like they are overburdening someone, the person being asked doesn’t want to feel like they are being taken advantage of. Gratitude and appreciation seeds the relationship with trust and positivity, which prevents problems. At some point, depending on the situation, gratitude and appreciation may be in the form of an acknowledgment of value by an exchange in pay for services rendered.

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