Athens Alive is a grassroots effort to attract young professionals to Athens and help them thrive when living there. It is a modern website that allows users to stay up to date with events and explore Athens like never before. It features what the city has to offer through an events calendar, interactive video map, and other useful resources. The site as a whole places emphasis on what makes Athens great: Innovation, Creation, Entertainment, Food, Adventure, and Culture.

Athens Alive is effort started by our client Richie Knight to inform people the benefits of living in Athens, Georgia. Athens is not just a college town that revolves around the University of Georiga and this site exemplifies that fact.


The major component of Athens Alive is an interactive map that not only lets users see the location of popular points around town, but gives them a glimpse inside or around them with short videos at the location. These videos are more valuable than photographs because they give users a sense of the vibe inside a restaurant or in a certain part of town.

A look inside an Athens favorite: Creature Comforts

Athens Alive is also built to encourage users to go out and experience what Athens has to offer and make them active around the community. It features an events calendar that highlights concerts, festivals, family events, and much more. It is a prime resource for people to see what is going on in the city and decide on how they would like to socialize or get plugged in.

To supplement the map and calendar, there are also recommendations on places to visit, dine, and annual events to attend around town. Altogether, it creates a great starting point for people new to Athens, or long-time residents looking for something new to do.

Creating the Site

Athens Alive has been meticulously crafted using javascript, css, and bootstrap. Because we anticipate high amounts of mobile usage, we have used responsive design techniques to make the website functional on both personal computers and mobile devices.

As far as content goes, we have worked hard to generate our own videos, photos, and written copy to populate the site. Our client has also generously shared some of their drone videos that give an aerial view of Athens. We will feature these on the homepage.