Athens Alive Project Proposal


Photo: Chase Baran

The Problem:

There are several obstacles we must overcome with Athens Alive. Many people think of Athens as just the Unviersity of Georgia, so we have to overcome the ‘college-town’ stereotype that has defined Athens for so long. Young professionals are largely unaware that Athens is home to a variety of job opportunities, cool restaurants, and affordable and hip neighborhoods. Our goal as Athens Alive is to get the message out there! Athens has the potential to become the next Asheville or Chattanooga, so we need to communicate and cater to our target demographic with a design-savvy and content-driven site.

The Solution:

We plan on building a fully-functioning interactive website that allows people to see Athens in a different light. More than just a website promoting tourism in Athens, we want Athens to be the destination for young adults in the region to settle down. We plan on building a digital and content-driven campaign encouraging twenty-to-thirty-somethings to pick Athens as a place to call home.

  • We will give users the opportunity to hover over locations on our interactive map and see live video
  • The end goal is to promote Athens as a living destination for young adults, and to emphasize that Athens is not solely the University of Georgia.


Nashville, Tennessee: Nashville Guru’s website is very attractive and has a wealth of information about the city, even though it is aimed at a wider audience than just young professionals. Like other websites showcasing a city, there is a major focus on shopping, dining, events, and practicality, but this one also includes information about real estate and rentals, and gives direct links to current listings. This might be a good idea for us to include in Athens Alive.

Creature Comforts Brewing
Ted’s Most Best

The Plan:

Athens Alive is a project that will be more than just a tourism website. We want to blend content and technology to create an open-source, creative, web and design-savvy website with a specific target audience in mind. We will use technology to market to our specific ‘millennial’ demographic, but we will also make the design interface accessible and appealing to a variety of groups.


  1. Research and strategy: August 13th — September 15th
  2. Wire framing, mockup: September 15th — October 10th
  3. Beta, functionality, building out the site: October 11th — November 1st
  4. Wrapping up, testing, launching: November 2nd — December 9th
  5. SLAM: December 10th


The main obstacle we are facing as a group is our lack of experience in coding maps. This is one of the main piece of content that Richie wants us to develop so he can use it for other Athens’ neighborhoods. We are planning on using Google Maps and are going to “self-teach” ourselves on the way.

The People:

Chase Baran