During the 2016 Fall semester, my group were given the task of developing a website for our capstone project. We had the opportunity to work with our client Richie Knight and his company HW Creative to create a campaign that shows off the great aspects of Athens, Georiga.

Athens Alive

This campaign is called Athens Alive.


Athens Alive is a grassroots effort to attract young professionals to Athens and help them thrive when living there. It is a modern website that allows users to stay up to date with events and explore Athens like never before. It features what the city has to offer through an events calendar, interactive video map, and other useful resources. The site as a whole places emphasis on what makes Athens great: Involvement, Creation, Entertainment, Food, Adventure, and Culture.

My Role

My main role in this project was developing an map of the downtown area of Athens, Georgia. This interactive map allows user to take a look inside of a location without leaving the map itself. The map introduces many of downtown Athens’ local bars, restaurants, music venues, and breweries, and includes video content to let users step foot in the locations and see what it is like. It really helps demonstrate the unique local color that Athens has and piques the interest of our audience.

The Map


To the left is a screenshot of the interactive map I created using the program Mapbox. On each of the locations I have embeded a GIF that shows what each establishment looks like on the inside. Just click an icon and wait for the video to load. Below is an example of what this process would look like.